Apple’s Vision Pro VR: Beyond Reality at $3,500, Hits Stores Nationwide on Feb 2

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Apple has announced that its ultra-high-end device, the Vision Pro will be available both online and in Apple Stores across the United States starting on February 2.

The virtual reality device, which costs $3,500, was revealed last year. It took up a significant portion of the annual tubthump in September for new technology and products.

Apple claims that it is the only company to offer a VR headset. Sales of VR headsets in the past years have been slow. The company claims that the main lens of the Vision Pro can adjust to the lighting and the user’s preference so that it can be worn longer, allowing the user to interact with others. The new operating system can be controlled with the eyes, hands, and voice.

The Vision Pro offers a wide range of games, movies, and series including Disney+, Max, and Disney+. Apple Arcade will launch with about 250 games, including some titles specifically designed for the Vision Pro. Apple Immersive Video is used to present films and series in 3D 8K, wrapping around the viewer 180 degrees.

Starting January 19, pre-orders can be placed.

Apple’s ability to hold consumers will be tested by the sticker shock that comes with the Vision Pro price. Apple’s flagship iPhone sales have been lagging in recent months. This has led to some Wall Street analysts downgrading Apple stock.

Skeptics point to Meta Platforms as a Big Tech competitor that has shifted its focus from Facebook towards virtual reality, and even changed their name. This company did not have much success at first. Apple’s unique position as a company to encourage more people to use VR is argued to be a counter argument. The $3,500 price tag will drop with demand, making the Vision Pro more affordable. Apple has even dropped the term “virtual reality” in favor of the concept of spatial computing.

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