Donald Trump Unloads On Republican Senator McConnell

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End of any relationship: Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump were never personally close – but now the former president has launched a vendetta which threatens to tear apart their party 

 * Chao and tells senators to FIRE him – after GOP leader blamed him for MAGA riot 
 * Trump sends 622-word denunciation of the most senior elected Republican from his Florida home after McConnell said then-president caused the MAGA riot 
 * Trump attacked McConnell in bitter personal and racially-loaded terms, saying he ‘has no credibility on China’ in a reference to his wife Elaine Chao 
 * ‘Because of his family’s substantial Chinese business holdings,’ Trump wrote, ‘he does nothing on this tremendous economic and military threat.’ 
 * He called McConnell, 78, a ‘dour, sullen and unsmiling political hack’ and claimed he had only won his Kentucky seat after Trump campaigned for him 
 * Blames McConnell for losing the majority in the Senate by not backing $2,000 stimulus checks – after McConnell blamed him for the defeat in Georgia 
 * Trump’s intervention turns the Republican party’s internal conflicts over impeachment vote into bitter civil war between its most high-profile figures
President Donald Trump denounced Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Tuesday as an ‘unsmiling political hack’ – days after the Republican party’s most senior elected official voted to acquit Trump of inciting the Capitol riot but then blasted his conduct in an excoriating speech. 
He called the Republicans’ most senior elected figure ‘a dour, sullen and unsmiling political hack’ in a lengthy and vitriolic statement issued from Mar-a-Lago. 
Trump blamed McConnell, whose office sits steps from where a large group of rioters were arrested on January 6, for causing the loss of two GOP Senate seats. 
Many GOP consultants and some elected officials have blamed Trump’s own election overturn effort for costing the party control of the Senate. 
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