This Bodybuilder Tries The Intense Spanish Special Forces Fitness Test

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Here’s what happened when YouTuber Rob Lipsett took on the GEO’s physically grueling test without any prior training. 
Military physical fitness tests, or PFTs, are a popular choice of challenge for bodybuilders and athletes to attempt online in the name of content. Some of the most common videos show influencers trying out the Army PFTs from the U.S. and U.K., usually acing the bodyweight exercises and then flunking when it comes to cardio. 
In his most recent video, filmed shortly after moving to Marbella, Spain, fitness YouTuber Rob Lipsett takes on the fitness test used by the Special Operations Group, or Grupo Especial de Operaciones (GEO), an elite tactical unit in Spain’s National Police Corps. The physically grueling process helps the GEO whittle down the applicants in terms of their functional fitness, although proficiency in martial arts, marksmanship, underwater swimming and explosives are also sought-after, and only 3 percent of candidates are selected each year. 
The test consists of five events: 
WNU Editor: Rob Lipsett is in great shape.

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