Clash between Carteles Unidos and CJNG on the limits of Michoacán and Jalisco, CU calls GN for helicopter

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The dispute initiated over the theft of a cocaine shipment belonging to Mencho. Members of CU, a “communication team” left behind equipment with audios.
In the audio CU is reporting casualties at “JalMich”, in Michoacán where the state meets with Jalisco.   They asked in the audio for a helicopter to extricate the injured.
Yesterday a group from Tepalcatepec, Viagras and Tetos Toro and El Marino “La Costa” while moving between the limits of Michoacán and Jalisco, they ran into  CJNG members, unleashing a confrontation.
According to witnesses, when the first shots rang out, the people of “La Costa” and Carteles Unidos jumped out of the units, fleeing, leaving behind trucks, rifles, ammunition, vests, communication equipment, cell phones, a 50 caliber and even a chainsaw.

According to unofficial information and versions of some specialists in drug trafficking issues, it has been learned that the fight between these two groups is due to the settlement of accounts for the theft of a shipment by the people of Los Reyes and Tepalcatepec, the drugs were  owned by Mencho, leader of the CJNG.
It also transpired that the people of the Coast stole a load of cocaine from a plane that crashed in Aquila and the “incomplete” accounts of the loads which they did not disclose.
Supposedly, for his part, the leader of the CJNG Nemesio Oceguera el Mencho has made it clear that he will not stop until they pay him everything stolen, so the confrontations will not stop in that area of ​​Michoacán.
Although the number of casualties or injuries has not been officially confirmed, the audios released by the communication team reveal the existence of wounded, audios in which by the way the voice is supposedly heard from the “Papo” nephew of El Abuelo and “Cuate” who apparently speaks with a command of the public security forces, who requests  the support of a helicopter to remove his wounded, giving location of the events in the community of El Guayabo.
To listen to the audio use this link

Chivis Note: 
Héctor Zepeda Navarrete, alias “El Teto” and Ángel Custodio Cuevas Arredondo, “El Marino”, have been identified for years as responsible for disappearances, kidnappings, murders and extortion.

The area of ​​the Michoacán Coast and the municipalities of Aquila and Coalcomán, mainly, are their places of influence. There they control various groups that years ago were self-defense groups, but today, according to naval sources, are part of the structure of the organization “United Cartels”, a recently created organization that is a rival of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) and it tries to contain its expansion in the border region between Colima and Michoacán.

I am assuming it is El Guayabo, Jalisco,  as it is on the border of the two states, as described in the audio. However, there is a city of the same name in Michoacan. 


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