Gildardo Palomino Nieblas “El G3” of La Linea arrested in the Lebaron massacre of 9

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In the municipality of Nuevo Casas Grandes, elements of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) and the National Guard arrested two alleged criminals linked to investigations into the case of the LeBarón family massacre, who will be brought before a federal judge for the offense of organized crime.

The detainees were identified as Miguel PAH known or nicknamed “El Puentes” who will be brought before a federal judge for the crime of organized crime, crimes against health and possession of firearms, since in addition to investigating him for his participation in the LeBarón family massacre.
Within the security operation, they also arrested Gildardo PN Alias ​​“G3”, [La Linea, Gildardo Palomino Nieblas “El G3” pictured above left] who was linked to the process, for organized crime, against health, and possession of weapons exclusive of the Army.

The two men were detained in the central neighborhood of Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua.  They were together, and they were accompanied by a third person named Yuriel Armando GL who serves as president of the Political Party of the “PRI”, in Nuevo Casas Grandes. Chihuahua.
This third person was released hours later after the arrest as no evidence was found that would further incriminate him, however, the investigations against him will continue.

From From SonoraViolento:

Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua.- Federal authorities arrested two more implicated in the death of the American Mormon family “LeBaron”.
This is Gildardo Palomino Nieblas “El G3 and Miguel P ” El Puentes”.
These mentioned subjects are part of” La Línea “, the armed wing of the” Cartel De Juárez. “They were detained in the streets of the central neighborhood of Nuevo Casas Grandes. Chihuahua was accompanied by Yuriel Armando who serves as president of the “PRI” political party in that town, but hours later he was released under strange circumstances.
The Mexican authorities have dealt a great blow, since with the capture of these dangerous “Narco-Terrorists” as pointed out at a press conference by North American President Donald J. Trump, who, afflicted by the terrible events, where they mercilessly burned to death, women and children, ”I condemn the facts and demanded justice.”
These cowardly murderers, who by statements of accomplices already detained, indicated that they received orders to assassinate the members of the “LeBaron” family, a task entrusted to them by the drug trafficker Jesus Salas Aguayo “El Chuyin”, (pictured above in red shirt) who is also imprisoned in a prison in Chihuahua.
They also pointed  brothers Ever Gonzalez Bournes “El Aguila” and Victor Noe Gonzalez Bournes “El 500” and Fredi Calles Romero “El Tolteca”.
The Bournes brothers, at the time, were evidenced on this FB page, of being the generators of violence in the mountainous area of ​​Sonora and much of Chihuahua.
On July 13 of this year, Elizaldo Gonzalez Bournes aka “El Flaco” and Alex Moises Gonzalez Bournes, were executed when they were driving in a white Cheyenne pick-up, with a report of theft, this in the Baseasachi stream, Ocampo municipality, Chihuahua.
Both were chiefs of the plaza in those places in the mountains and equally belonged to the organization of “La Linea”, obeying direct orders from their brothers “Aguila” and “500.
In good time, congratulations to the federal government for the arrest of these feared murderers, and it is hoped that these actions will not cease and lead to the whereabouts of all the others involved, who have claimed the lives of hundreds of peasants and innocent people.
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