People injured in Las Vegas mall shooting

Police say three people were shot at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas on Tuesday night.

Parents of several employees told FOX5 their children were notified by text of an incident and to stay in place.

Entrances to the mall were closed off at about 6.15pm (local time) after reports of a shooting at 3200 South Las Vegas Boulevard.

Metropolitan Police Department Captain Dori Koren said it was being treated as an “isolated incident”.

“Officers responded and immediately found three victims,” he told reporters at the scene.

“We believe that the incident began after an altercation inside the mall and at this time we are still looking for the suspect or suspects but we do not believe that there is any further threat to anyone in our community at this time.”

He said their injuries are not life-threatening and police do not believe it was a targeted attack.

“But we don’t know the role of every single victim at this point and we don’t know the role of anyone else who might have been involved during the initial altercation,” he said.

An unknown number of suspects fled the area before police arrived.

A Shoe Palace employee named Luis said they took all of their customers to the store’s backroom and a number of people started making phone calls.

“I just looked outside and I saw a bunch of people running away and I just heard some people screaming,” he told FOX5 reporter Kyla Galer.

He said his manager told him there was “someone shooting”.

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