Quad Citians review ideas for Illinois 92 traffic flow improvements

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Quad Cities (KWQC) – The Bi-State Regional Commission held a public workshop on Monday in Moline for the community to review ideas for traffic flow improvements to Illinois 92.

Transportation planners conducted the Illinois 92 Corridor Study in hopes of making the route safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. (KWQC)

The corridor runs from Rock Island to Silvis. The commission said up to 14,000 vehicles use this route every day and that it needs improvements to make it safer.

Transportation planners at the workshop presented ideas they brainstormed to make Illinois 92 safer. They said they got some of their ideas from around 400 Quad Citians who took a survey.

One Quad Citian who showed up to the meeting was Dean Mathias, who is known as the cyclist who rides bareback all over town.

He said Illinois 92 is not a safe place for people to walk or bike.

“This is an opportunity for the residents to get from their neighborhoods, ride their bikes with their families, take their dogs for a walk or whatever to get across 92 in a safer manner,” Mathias said.

Transportation planners like Justin Opitz said he mainly focused on implementing what he calls, “complete streets,” which are roads designed for every kind of traveler including vehicles, bikes, people and trucks.

“What we found is that people are not happy with how fast the speed is along the roadway so a lot of people are speeding,” Opitz said. “ It’s unsafe for pedestrians and bicyclists to really even use the roadway.”

He says people tend to speed on multiple-lane, one-way roads.

“What we looked at with this is converting those one ways to two-way operations which slows down traffic and aims toward the more neighborhood feel of the roadway,” he said.

After further review, the Bi-State Regional Commission plans to take these new ideas for the corridor to the state of Illinois for funding.

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