South Carolina And Virginia Tech Schedule Home-And-Home Football Series

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South Carolina and Virginia Tech will play twice in the coming years.

According to a release from the Hokies, VT will travel to Columbia to play the Gamecocks in 2034. South Carolina will return the favor and hit the road in 2035. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

If we’re going to trash the SEC for having an eight-game conference slate and scheduling cupcakes in non-conference play, then we also have to applaud teams down south when they do something smart.

Scheduling a team like Virginia Tech is a smart move. The ACC might not be as strong as the SEC or Big 10, but it’s a real game.

That’s a hell of a lot different than playing some random directional school.

Now, is it as bold as scheduling a powerhouse out of the B1G? No, but South Carolina already has to play Clemson every year.

Of all the schools to trash in the SEC, South Carolina isn’t one of them when it comes to scheduling. They seem to actually make more of an effort than most.

Hopefully, more SEC teams follow SC’s example so that I can stop having to trash them nonstop. Trust me, I take no joy in dunking all over the SEC.

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