Did US Air Defenses Fail In Iraq?

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Rockets hit US base and airport in Erbil after defense systems failed to activate 
The attack on the US military base at Erbil – in the Kurdistan region of Iraq – and the nearby Erbil airport illustrates once again that US defenses against rocket attacks are inadequate and, for the most part, don’t work. 
As far as can be determined, Erbil was defended by a US Patriot air defense system and a C-RAM rapid fire gun system there to protect the Patriot. 
There is no information to suggest that either system was activated when a number of rockets slammed into the base and airport. 
The US and Iraq say they can account for 14 rockets that hit the airport and base; the terrorist group allegedly responsible says 22 rockets were fired. 
WNU Editor: Too early to say if US air defenses failed in stopping this rocket attack in Erbil. They could have been turned off. But the question is a valid one, and I hope the Pentagon will provide some answers.

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