Leon Guanajuato: Three-year-old baby and a grandmother die in a shooting attack

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León, Gto.- A three-year-old girl and her grandmother died in a gunshot attack registered at their home in the Periodistas Mexicanos neighborhood, also known as Jacinto López.
An uncle of the minor and son of the woman was seriously injured and was taken to receive medical attention.
This double homicide occurred inside a house on José María Coss Street and the corner with José María Roa Bárcenas.
Four armed men arrived at the scene and knocked on the door. María Cristina [grandmother] went to open it and when she did, they shot her in the chest, she died instantly. Her body was thrown at the entrance of the house.
They were for “El Taliban”
Then they entered and found Iván, alias “El Talibán” or “El Rey” and shot him. And one of the bullets hit the little girl’s chest. Neighbors in the area indicated that this man is a drug dealer, that he is also an assailant in the area and that the attack was directed at him, and that he already had been threatened.
Although I blurred the child’s face, below does contain an image of her in death

After the attack, the attackers left the house and boarded two motorcycles, one of them black and green, and fled the site in the direction of the barranca de vendderos.
There they certified that Mrs. María Cristina had also died. Subsequently, they checked Iván, who after providing first aid was transferred to receive medical attention.

“The Taliban” was reported to be in poor health, presenting firearm injuries to the right rib cage, mid-thorax and right leg at the height of the femur.
In the authorities’ records, the injured has several arrests for possession of meth and marijuana, as well as for various administrative offenses.


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