Deployed Federal Police elements not paid for 5 months

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Op-Ed by Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Yesterday I posted a video depicting two National Guard elements shaking down a narco named “Cholo”.  The event transpired in Sonora and the footage concluded without revealing the outcome.
I was interested in knowing what Borderland Beat reader’s opinion was about the event, cheering on the elements? Or wrong is wrong and what is right,  should not be compromised?
Above is another layer of information that may interest you.  They are alleged documents that reveal in the case of the federal police, deployed federal police, who have not been paid for 5 months.

The documents last column is “payment status” and in the column notation is “Pending”.

A mistake Mexico continues to make is the poor treatment of its federal forces.  Wages are too low making them susceptible to offers from narcos.

I recall when President Felipe Calderon was leaving office; he declared that all border drug plazas were 100 percent in narco-collusion.  
From city hall to municipal police, and every entity in-between, including the press, this is true.
I ask myself what good is the permanent bases built in border cities for military and police agencies,  if collusion goes unabated?
I have concluded that two essential components should be established.  One is quick rotation of forces.  6 weeks max.  So there is a new influx of elements to disrupt/deflect  collusion.
The second is offer high wages and bonuses.  In order to attract the best, the brightest and loyalty, this is imperative.
How it stands today, an offer from narcos to be placed on the payroll, would be almost impossible to refuse.


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