Kim Kardashian has fans gushing with video of niece, True and daughter, Chicago

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Kim Kardashian has fans gushing with video of True and Chicago. Photo: Instagram

Kim Kardashian took the internet by storm when she posted an adorable video of True and Chicago at retail market Target.

Monday was a happy time for Kardashian-Jenner fans as Kim shared a sweet slideshow of videos and pictures of her sister’s kids.

Kim captioned her post with the words, “Swipe for major cuteness.” In the first clip, True and Chicago can be seen lying on their backs, inside a shopping cart while their nanny spins them around in circles.

During the ride, Chicago holds on to the sides of the cart, while True makes an adorable cooing sound. When the cart finally does come to a stop, Chicago can be heard yelling, “Again, again!”

In the second video, the cousins can be seen sitting up in the cart,  bouncing from side to side in excitement, while they glided down the binder and school supplies aisle. 

The third video mainly stole the hearts of fans, in one fail swoop. In the video, Chicago sweetly tries to feed True a plate of rice, beans, veggies, potato chips and chicken. After feeding True, Chicago takes a bite of her own plate, swaying from side to side, after a successful nibble off of her disposable fork.  

The last upload features a picture of the cousins giggling at each other with the most wholesome of smiles. 

Check out the post below:

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