Letter: The United States is falling behind

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Politicians, don’t you realize that the rest of the world is progressing into the 21st century, while the United States is stagnating.

The rest of the industrial countries have some form of universal health care. They have developed safety nets for their elderly and infirm, while we chip away at our safety net programs. Those countries also have longer life spans than we do.

They are developing modern, high speed transportation and support facilities, while we have progressively deteriorating facilities and equipment.

They are maintaining their infrastructure while we can’t even pass a bill to start a repair program.

And we have a starvation minimum wage. Henry Ford had the philosophy to pay his workers enough so that they could afford his product.

The American dream is fast becoming just a dream. I have many elderly friends who can’t afford to buy homes. They live from social security check to social security check and live in constant fear of the car breaking down or a major medical problem.

The rich appear to becoming greedy. The poor appear to be getting less support in life needs (food and shelter), health care and education. Are we heading toward a feudal state where there are only the rich and the unwashed, uneducated masses.

Are we headed for a time when ”Go back to where you came from” is a step up?

Please, start helping this great country!

Ed Brocco, Ephraim

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